Top 5 Android apps you must download 2018 (Best AR Apps)


Top 5 Android apps you must download 2018

So Android apps have been all the buzz recently, and with the New York coming to an end, there are tons of Brand new Apps to try and have an effort to find a few of them for you guys.

Whats up guys Gizmo here, and he is the best apps for November 2017. with that being said let’s get started.

Top 5 Android apps you must download 2018

1.Alright, first up we have a killer photo editing application called Portra now this is a photo editing application that turns your average pictures, to really cool water paint portraits.



You simply click a picture and select 1 from your gallery, and then the app starts its magic. it is really super dope and I love the various designs of water port rates that it has.

You can also add the ton of frames on your pictures, and add that designer age do it, and all in all, this could be a really cool way to revamp your pictures so to check the app out.

Top 5 Android apps you must download 2018


2. Alright next up, we have P AGF or paid Android apps Gone free. now we all know that from time to time there are various sales on the PlayStore, where is an application can be downloaded for free, which were otherwise paid. this provides you with a brand new list of applications on a daily basis, with a list of paid apps that can be downloaded for free on the play store itself.

For me, it’s really helpful because there are always a few of apps that I wanted to buy. but the price is too high I’m not willing to pay for it, this is a great have to be on the Lookout to see whether the application has become free or not. super helpful to download an app whenever they go on sale and all in all a very useful app for all us enthusiasts.I know you guys wanted to know where I got this wallpaper from.


3. Well, the third eye app on this list is, WAL PY and this is a pretty amazing wallpaper application. it has a wide variety of high-quality wallpaper change every single day based on your preferences and choices, you have several categories to choose your wallpapers from, and I love the collection that it has, so make sure to check this out, and pretty sure that this gonna make your Android device much much appreciable.

From long time I was waiting for an application which would allow me to make the background of a picture black and white while maintaining color on my subject.

Well Colour Touch allows you to do just that, simply select the picture you want to edit

Colour Touch

and the app instantly turned it into black and white from there go ahead and draw over the area you want color and boom you have this really cool effect with the background is in black and white whereas the subject is colored. now this is a really good way to edit either portraits or good pictures of yourself and I am absolutely in love with the subsidy check it out.


Stack It AR

3. Last but not the least we have a game but hold your horses this is not just any game Bus game, in Augmented reality, this is Stack It AR and essentially the purpose of this game is to create or build the tallest tower possible in real life environment using a phone’s camera and AR. it’s a brilliant concept as long as you have a plane surface to play this.

This is one of the great it is games to play period to check it out can I show you what the future is gonna look like and it’s available for free so why not, and that is pretty many guys, if you like this post then don’t forget to share with your friends too, till then this gizmo, see you guys on another side. I have my channel also where I posted lots of cool informational videos too. do make sure to check that also thanks for reading.


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