Top 5 amazing smartphone gadgets on Amazon under 300 rupees!


Top 5 amazing smartphone gadgets on Amazon under 300 rupees!

Hey guys, what’s up welcome to band new video on the channels and today in this video I will be showing you Top 5 amazing smartphone gadgets that you can buy from Amazon under 300 rupees. So let’s get started.

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3.Buy Now – Cable Protector Link

4.Buy Now – iVoltaa 2.4A Dual Port Car Charger Link

5.Buy Now – Joystick Controller for Smartphones Link

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1. So at the number one is this Mobile Phone holder for the car and it cost around 250 rupees. so for talking about its build quality,  it’s totally made up of hard plastic which is very good for long-term usage and stretches like this and it can support up to 6.3 inches of mobile phones.  So now to install the smartphone holder first make sure that of car AC vents are in a way that this mobile holder will go easily inside it and then put your smartphones and now you are good to go now you can easily use GPS Navigation on the go all second take some calls on speaker phone also can charge your phone on the go and it rotates easily the 360 degree which is good. overall for 250 rupees, I would say it’s a really good smartphone holder for your car.

2. so next at number 2 vs Batman Smartphone Back Sticker, and it cost around 200 rupees, to apply this sticker at the backside of your fone. follow this given instruction. first, clean your back side of your phone then rub the sticker like this with a credit card to prepare it. next, peel the back of the sticker, then carefully applied at the back side of a phone and rub it again like this with the credit card and take all the bubbles out and now wait for 24 hours then feel it off. and this is how they finished looks like kind looks amazing I would say. the Batman fans will love it and don’t worry anytime you can peel it off but it can be a little bit difficult. And also it’s not water resistant so use a transparent cover with it.

3. So next at Number 3 is this Cable Protector and it cost 150 rupees for two pairs. so I am sure almost every one of you has faced cable damage problem once in your life. but with this cable protectors, you can a product of cables from getting damage and again is total is worth to buy if you have a lightning cable because lightning cables are costly. also if you have a type C cable or if you have any costly cables it’s totally worth to buy I would say.

4. And next at Number Four is this Ivoltaa 12 volt dc charging adaptor for a car. and it cost around 299 rupees. and specialty office adaptor is that it has 2 USB outlets. and the output of this USB outlet is 5 volt 2 ampere. and the output of the 2nd  outlet is 5 volts 1 ampere which is great I would say. Now simply plug it in inside your car and you can charge 2 phones at the same time for just 299 rupees. which is great I would say.

Top 5 amazing smartphone gadgets on Amazon under 300 rupees!

5. & next at number 5 is this Mobile Joystick and it cost around 275 rupees and inside the box, you will get two joysticks one is for the right and the second is for the left. so the speciality of the joystick is that you can take it with you anywhere it’s very portable and hear it has air Corps simply install it on a smartphone display like this, and make sure that it’s not moving and You can use this was sick to play Asphalt 8 NOVA 3 Modern Combat any of the games which have joystick navigation control it will work with all of them, and talking about its performance its ok I would say, but if you are a joystick lover, then definitely it’s for you.

So this is an extra gadget is the spot 48 in 1 Smartphone Hub. also it will work with the computers, and it cost around 299 rupees. so with this HUb, You can use a keyboard mouse or pen drive at the same time with your smartphone because it has 3 USB Input. and speciality is that it has inbuilt micro USB cable which is Great and also it has SD card slot camera card slot, almost any cards or any USB which are popular enough it has in it you can use it with this Hub also inside the box it has a Micro USB to USB converter through which you can use the Hub with your PC which is great.

Overall for 299 rupees, I would say it’s an amazing product if you are Pro user. Top 5 amazing smartphone gadgets on Amazon under 300 rupees. if you like this Then Forget to Simple share with your friends


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