Top 3 free high end Android games with amazing graphics 2018


Top 3 free high-end Android games with amazing graphics 2018

What’s up guys, Gizmo here and as an average gamer since my childhood days, and well there is no doubt that so many good games are present on PC is as well as consoles.

It sure has become a hassle to find the best of the best smartphones. with that being said there are three Android games that have a really good graphics and are free to play at the same time with that being said let’s get started…

Top 3 free high end Android games with amazing graphics 2018

Open up the list with a personal favorite of mine, Shadow Fight 3, now back in the days,
when Shadow Fight 2 out. I would spend hours trying to buy more weapons complete mission and supports it used to be a pretty damn good game. and this is its sequel Shadow Fight 3. better graphics beautiful visuals, and some amazing combos make this the absolute Arcade fire on Android. At least for me.

Shadow Fight 3

It’s awesome to play and while it is extremely challenging at times and you might want to throw your phone off, the game is totally worth you invest in it. and on top of that, it’s free so I am pretty sure that you guys should check this out it’s just one of those games that you can’t stop playing once you to start playing them.

Top 3 free high end Android games with amazing graphics 2018

Zombie Shooter

Going up in number  Zombie Shooter, we have the sequel of a big time Android game Into the Dead. this is Into the Dead two and I have to say this game has only gotten better from last time. the campaign mode now actually feels like a campaign mode with cutscenes and beautiful dialogue delivery, and while the basic mechanics of the game does remain the same and endless runner with a Zombie Shooter, 2 game does not get repetitive or boring,
thank you all of the new missions as well as the Badass guns that you can unlock and pop off you hats off you zombies. I’m pretty sure this is just one of those Runner games that never will go out of Style like Subway Surfers Temple Run and this is going to stick around till last so be sure to check it out.


Gear Club

last one of but not the least a very like this could have been made without a good racing game and here it is. this is Gear Club and the best way to explain this game is that it’s real racing 3, with a bigger world inside it.

now not only can you do racism compete with other players in an orderly fashion. you have a complete world where you can pay and customize your garage with the fastest hypercars of the century. the controls of fluid and the

visuals are absolutely beautiful, and I have to say I love playing this game it’s one of those pasting games that again once you pick him up you just can’t stop playing it. you have a wide variety of cars you can customise them at different colours and you know to upgrade to the engines and all of that good stuff and you can play with your friends now with the oil bit bigger in size compared to the other two and the list,

however, it’s totally worth the space that it acquires on your phone. its must try and its free so does check it out. and well that’s it pretty many guys.


If you like this post, then don’t forget to share with your friends too. follow me on Instagram and Twitter links in the description below and while I know a lot of comments like why is in Mortal Kombat 5 or Gangstar Vegas on u Aliens is on this list.

the only reason is that those games everybody already knows about them they already have over a million downloads. and it’s not really bringing something new to the table, so bees what a few new games all those were a few well-known games.

with that being said you guys still think there are some games that I got this list in the description below. this is Gizmo & I’m signing out hope you guys have a great day and I will see you guys in my next one.



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