The Best wallpaper apps for 2018 (Trending Wallpaper App)


The Best wallpaper apps for 2018 (Trending Wallpaper App)

Android wallpapers and customizing are Android devices. in general are some of the things that I really enjoy doing. with that being said, what’s up guys Gizmo here,

And today with he will look at a few cool wallpaper applications for the year of 2018 without being said to let’s get started…

The Best wallpaper apps of 2018

All right, Dropping in that number 1 we have this really sleek wallpaper app called Drops, and the brand new application on the Play Store, and probably has some of the cleanest wallpapers ever.

The Best wallpaper apps for 2018

If you’re looking to browse nice wallpapers from various categories of abstract art to superheroes including and not limited to Batman wallpapers like the one I have set up my device right now. this is the one to check out. the UI, as well as the entire interface of the app, is pretty clean

and compile that with a group of pretty cool wallpapers and even though its a free app at the ends the app hasn’t very intrusive at all, sp defiantly drops a try, I think its a very great wallpaper application in the year of 2018.

The Best wallpaper apps of 2018

To come next up we have Wall roach an application that has a paragraph super minimal concept art and wallpapers. and in this app instead of actual pictures in husband collection of wallpapers that has created from scratch.

so whether you talk about material wallpapers that have a material design or you talk about the concept I have been created by various Photoshop artists out there. this app has everything from simple wallpapers to inspiring quotes sayings definitely check it out into that good stuff.

Last but most definitely not the least we have Wali and while the sound like every other wallpaper app out there it’s different in its very core since it’s not a collection of wallpapers but more like a group of creators and photographers who post that pictures in the group itself is like a community of several creative photographers were you can upload your phone work is well there are some super dope wallpapers and through this app not only can you find some great looking pictures as background but also discovered some amazing photographers at coming in contact directly with the work that they do so be sure to try this one hour.

definitely, I’m sure you guys will like it. and well that is pretty much it guys like this video does not leave a like subscribe to this channel follow me on Instagram and don’t return links in the description below with that said this is Gizmo and I’m signing out.


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