OnePlus 6 image renders leaked: New Blue colour variant could launch soon


OnePlus 6 image renders leaked: New Blue color variant could launch soon-

Hello friends, OnePlus 6 has become Leak before the Smartphone Specification Launch and we are here to learn about OnePlus 6 Leak Information here. Such as OnePlus 5 Design, Display, Price, RAM, and Processor.

Almost all Smartphone Specs tend to leak before the launch. There is nothing new in this. But there is a big smartphone brand of OnePlus 6. Just like the popularity of the iPhone, OnePlus is considered to be one of the best in Android.

OnePlus 6 Smartphone is going to be launched in India along with all major countries in April First Week this year. But now there is no use of launch, just waiting for the people to come to this phone market.

About OnePlus 6 we have been listening to News, Blog on many days. In this phone we will get the best processor, it will get Front Dual Camera and much more. But now Confirm leak has surfaced and many of the Phone Review Website, YouTube Channel have confirmed its Confirm leak.

Why is OnePlus 6 leak? Will OnePlus benefit or damage it? Learn about it in detail. But before we get all the information, what is OnePlus 6 Phone Specification? And how much will it be in India?

OnePlus 6 Leak Specs:

Today, any Smartphone is the best specification for its display, because the phone now offers Notch Displays. Which are very attractive to customers. OnePlus had a display with an 18: 9 aspect ratio in the OnePlus 5T Smartphone for the last time. But the new phone and the new display will be available at that time.

In OnePlus 6 we get 6.2 Inch Full HD Notch Display, as we have seen in the iPhone X. Its display will be 90% Screen-to-body ratio, meaning that the display is only displayed on the phone from the front side.

Speaking of RAM and Storage, the phone 2 Variant will launch with a 6GB of RAM and another with 8GB of RAM. In the variant of 6GB RAM we get 64GB Internal Storage, while in 8GB RAM variant, we get 128GB Internal Storage.

Speaking of Camera, OnePlus has 2 Rear Camera and in Front Camera, Rear Camera, we get 20 and 16MP Lens Sensor while in Front Camera we get 20MP Lens Sensor.

OnePlus has not made any changes to its battery this time and we will also get 3450mAh Non-Removable Battery on OnePlus 6.

Each time like this we will also get a Qualcomm Snapdragon RAM in OnePlus 6, which will be Snapdragon 845.

There is no confirmation leak about the price of the phone yet, according to one estimate OnePlus 6 can be priced around 45,000 in Price India. Maybe, a price may be a bit higher or a little less, the Confirm will be able to know after the phone launch.


We all often hear that the iPhone Design Leak has gone, Mi Phone Leak has gone. So why does this happen? And what is the logic behind it, why do all the companies get the leak before the phone launches?

Many smartphones have specifications and design, they are accidentally leaked by an Employee, and many of the phones have Leak Fake, they prepare their own news according to the name of Media Phone and some of its reports.

But some of the smartphone Companies have this marketing strategy and with it stop some customers, by designing their Phone and Specification Leak. Just like if we are thinking of buying an Android Smartphone with a Notch Display. In such a big company design leak of the Notch Display phone, then you will stop for a while.

And when you wait, that phone will be launched and only after the phone launches you will think about buying a phone.

In this case, it is not Confirm, but I think that this marketing technique of OnePlus 6 is to leak the phone in such a way that, because of this, many phones with many notch displays already exist in the market. In such a way, users are attracted to them too, the name of OnePlus is already Famous. So obviously, if OnePlus 6 becomes the specification and Design Leak. Customers will wait for it to be launched.

After watching OnePlus 6 Specification and Design, it will not be wrong to say that every time this is the launch of OnePlus’s great phones. In which we will get 6 / 8GB RAM, Snapdragon processor and Notch Display and this phone are going to be launched soon in India. So if you are thinking about buying a Smartphone then wait a bit longer and if you have any idea about OnePlus 6 Smartphone, then share it in the comment.


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