How to transfer photos from iPhone to your computer in one click 2018


How to transfer photos from iPhone to your computer in one click 2018

So I am full-time Android guy almost all of the time as you guys know, but there’s only so much you can do it when your dad comes to you to transfer pictures to the computer from his iPhone.

Whats up guys Gizmo here and today we are talking about how you can transfer your pictures or any other media from your iOS device to your computer extremely easily, using software call Dr. Fone. with that being said, let’s get started.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to your computer in one click 2018

Ok guys the first thing I want you guys to do in order to make this process much easier, is to download the software call doctor phone which is again from the good guys at wondershare.  so click this link here,- wondershare and I’ll be a download link way you can download this entire features that doctor phone allows you to do with your phone and your computer whether its iOS or Android one.

Wondershare chart

So do you want to install it up either on your Windows or on your Mac. and once installed it opened it up and now we will follow the instructions that I show you on the screen, alright, so are we looking to click on transfer data between your phone and your Android device.

The first thing you have to do is obviously connect your iPhone to your computer. once you are done with that it’s gonna take a while initializelise it and then you have to enter your passcode or essentially unlock your device it’s not unlocked already if it is you might not get this option but just enter your password and user good to go.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to your computer in one click 2018

Once you enter your password its gonna ask you to tap on the trust pop up on it’s and basically a popup will appear on your iPhone asking you if you want to trust the computer that you connected it to. now, this is very essential in the process because if you click on don’t trust the connection will be failed and you will have to click on trust me iPhone. once you clicked on the trust with iPhone thing and you clicked on I trust essentially whats gonna happen is that you will be in connecting with your iPhone and it’s can show you this blue check to connected from here.

Wondershare Chart

You can transfer your media to iTunes transfer iTunes media to the device and what we’re looking for transfer device photos. on that you can register or click the trial version where it lets you transfer 10 photos before you decide to buy the application if necessary once you did with that all you need to do is click on the option that says transfer device photos to PC.

and once you’re done with that it’s gonna start transferring all the pictures that you have to the preferred location. so you have to select a drop-off or save location on your computer for me to show you guys also select desktop & as you can see all the selfie that my father is taken and the pictures from it his trips, as well as those WhatsApp quotes have appeared on the screen.

And I can’t tell you how to write if you will see the pictures have been transferred to the computer so as you guys can see, if that is easy now you can cancel it if it’s too long or if you already got them at all the pictures you have and well that’s pretty much it. you can also transfer the device is media to iTunes or transfer it as media to the device,

So if there is any song or video or photo or any kind of contact information as well as applications that you want to transfer from your iPhone to your computer. hell even know open up the file explorer like it some god damn Android device. you can with this application and it gives you total control of your iPhone.

And that’s it is that easy to transfer pictures and any other kind of media for that matter,  that being said, this was probably the first blog post that I made on Apple device may be on the last face but we’ll see how things go, this is Gizmo and I’m signing out. and I’ll see you guys on another side. piece.


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