Google Assistant’s New Features, Nokia 6 (2018) 4GB RAM Variant in India, and More (May 9, 2018)


Google Assistant’s New Features, Nokia 6 (2018) 4GB RAM Variant in India, and More (May 9, 2018)

Just like every year Google i/o was a pretty huge event this time around, who will CEO Sundar Pichai and his team took to the stage to announce the biggest things they’ve been working on and made a number of major announcements. Well if you weren’t able to watch the live stream here’s a quick roundup of everything that happened at Google i/o 2018.

Welcome to Gizmo Combat and the Google i/o keynote just got over
with some pretty major announcements including things like new Android P features.
and major improvements to a lot of Google products will be rounding up
The Google i/o keynote but before we do that how about you hit the bell iCon.
let’s get started, starting off with some of the most exciting announcements of all.

a lot of new Android P features were announced. as Dave Burke said on stage, with Android team, we put a special simple emphasis on simplicity and they did that withgestures, that are very similar to. it contains gestures which aren’t really a bad thing.

so also to make our lives even that easier Android P will not only show us apps that things will use but also Actions within the apps, that it will learn from our usage.
So in the morning, it might show something like starting of workout
activity directly in the launcher. isn’t that just ridiculously awesome?
anyway AI is everywhere in Android P.
The adaptive battery uses AI to understand which apps you might use and the ones you want. to increase battery life adaptive brightness uses AI to understand our personal preferences and it just brightness accordingly.
Google Assistant’s New Features, Nokia 6 (2018) 4GB RAM Variant in India, and More (May 9, 2018)

Basically, Android pee is bringing AI to the forefront in our phones. obviously Google i/o is an i/o without the Google Assitant, and the

assistant got a lot of love this year.
And we are adding as of today six new
voices to the Google assistant.
yeah oh, they will also be a John Legend voice
coming to Google Assistant. so get stoked for that.
Google also announced that. the assistant will be able,
to make reservations for us over phone calls. Is it really better?
  • There will also be some visual updates coming into the Google system to make full use of phone screens and all of the screens that will be coming to. Plus Google systems will also soon help us get to bed on time. we can just say set wind up to 10:00 p.m
  • and the screen will turn grayscale.
  • subconsciously telling our brains to go sleep.

These changes will be coming to the assistant later this summer on Android and iOS.later along with Google assistant coming to smart displays in July this year. Google Photos also got a lot of Love this year and most of it was focused around making our photos better anime means more vibrant.  this really brings out a lot of cool features in photos like sharing options, editing options, and more.

Most jaw-droppingly awesome though was this. we can recognize convert the document to
PDF and make it I mean seriously that is insane Google .and it’s really amazing.
the features will roll out over the next couple of months and I can’t the wait.
  • Google lens is also getting some awesome features, wait till you see this
I can now use the Google lense to copy text from the real world into my phone.
look at this, Wow Google is totally running rampant with new AI and machine learning based features and I’m loving.
Google Assistant’s New Features, Nokia 6 (2018) 4GB RAM Variant in India, and More (May 9, 2018)
  • lenz will soon be integrated with the default camera apps and phones like the pixels and some other third-party companies and these new features will roll out in the next few weeks. Google Maps received a bunch of new features as well.
  • We’re adding a new tab to maps called for you, with for you Google wants maps to be your go-to place for discovering new places to go to new restaurants to eat at including a feature called your match, which is incredible.
your match uses machine learning to combine what Google knows about hundreds of millions of places with the information that I’ve added. Restaurants I’ve rated cuisines I’ve liked and places that I’ve been to lastly.
  • Google recently updated Gmail with the whole new design and lot of new features.
Now they’re taking it a step further with smart compose.
so as the name suggests we use machine learning to start suggesting phrases for you, as you type all you need to do is to hit tab and a key part of completing the feature isn’t here yet but it’ll arrive soon an I’m definitely excited about it. so that was our roundup of Google i/o 2018 there were some major announcements, and it looks like Android P will be a Huge update to Android Oreo.
But what do you think, which features were your favorites? do let us know in the comment section below also give this Article a share with your friends too. who couldn’t know yet about Google i/o keynote.
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Google Assistant’s New Features, Nokia 6 (2018) 4GB RAM Variant in India, and More (May 9, 2018)


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