5 BIGGEST Problems With Redmi Note 5 PRO ! – Do Not Buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 PRO?


Hey guys, what’s up this is Gizmo and welcome to brand new article on this website and today in this article we gonna checking out about 5 Problems With The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro.  So let’s get started…

Before starting this Article I just want to mention that no phone and nothing is perfect when it comes to making Smartphones. every phone has its own Pros and its own Cons

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 pros have many good things but also it has some bad things So we are going to talk about some of its bad things so let’s get into it…

So the number 1 problem with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro is it speaker, and guys there other brands like Lenovo Moto which are providing a better speaker in its price Range.

So talking about the Redmi Note 5 Pro speaker is loudness, its ok I would say, but the sound quality is that on the tedious side, for example, this is how it sounds…  Video Is Coming Soon…

So if you are looking a phone for entertainment purposes, and for  good speaker on your phone then I would say the Redmi Note 5 Pro is not a good phone for you,

So the Number second problem with this Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro is with its Camera bump, and guys do not underestimate this problem, so this Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro has an amazing camera setup both back as well as front camera, they are amazing for its price,

But this Redmi Note 5 pro has a camera bump as you can see on its back having said that its not good for long term usage if you are a Lil bit of rough user and you keep your phone down like this trust me you will ruin your camera lens, and it will get scratched very badly and the beautiful Camera Vs Redmi Note 5 Pro have will be not so beautiful and then you have to go to the store MI Service Centre to get a replacement for the camera lens and they will keep the phone for about 20 to 25 days and after that if you get your phone back if you, you have to pay the cost of the replacement lens, because it does not cover in warranty, it comes in the External Damage and trust me and telling you with my personal experience.

But you can prevent it from getting scratched with the given back cover from the Xiaomi in the box. Its good to see that they have given the lens protection  on the cover, but it has the warning is not for the accidental drops its just a simple silicone cover it will only give a good grip on phone and it will prevent your camera lens from getting scratched but it’s absolutely not for display protection if you want a good cover for Redmi Note 5 Pro in budget price.

I will be linking some cover link right over here, so you can check that out.

Cases & covers –
1. Parallel Universe Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro back cover case Matte Finish soft TPU Ultra Slim -Black

2. All Side Protection Sleek Rubberised Matte Soft Silicone Back Case Cover For Redmi Note 5 Pro

3. Original Premium Back Case For REDMI NOTE 5 PRO – WOW Imagine Premium Shock Proof “Carbon Fibre Brushed Texture” 

Sim card Adapter Link:- Shockware New Hybrid SIM Slot Adapter, Avails You To Run 2 SIM And Micro SD Card

The Problem Number 3. is with the micro USB port I don’t know why Xiaomi is still using this micro USB port in 2018, Instead of the type C port. again micro USB has lots of problem like the Micro USB cable not last for a long time the lifetime is very short compared to the type C cables also they are not reversible like that type C cables, also they have a low data and charging space compared to the type C port.

Personally Speaking, I Love to See That the type support like they have given me the MI A1 which at its price range, but sadly, for now, we have to live with the micro USB ports.

Problem No. 4. is with Video Recording and this issue is mostly for that kind of people who like to shoot Videos with their smartphone like me, so this Redmi Note 5 pro only supports video recording up to 1080P. it does not have the option for the 4K recording at all. & its funny to say that the Redmi Note 5 which is the smaller variant of the Redmi Note 5 Pro, supports 4K recording but this Redmi Note 5 Pro does not supports 4K recording at this movement.

But one thing I would like to appreciate Xiaomi for the EIS electronic image stabilization I have to say Xiaomi has done an amazing job there but again while Video Recording it struggles with focusing but it can be resolved with the Software Update.

& The Prob. No.5 is – with the Hybrid Sim Slot. so in Redmi Note 5 Pro, we get the hybrid sim slot in which you can insert 1 sim card and SD card or two sim cards at a time but again if you are a casual user 64GB should be enough for you but if you are heavy user you can buy this sim card adaptor and resolve this problem around 200 rupees, and with the sim card adaptor you can use two sim cards and SD card at the same time again I will be linking is best buy link right over here. Click Here,

You can buy from here but overall as I would say if you are looking a smartphone which should have the IR blaster good camera and overall it should provide a good value for your money definitely you can go with this Redmi Note 5 Pro 4GB ram 64GB ROM Variant. but I would not go with with 6 GB RAM variant unless you really want 6 GB RAM because it’s costing around 3000 rupees more for 2 GB ram which is super expensive and totally not able to pay that much amount of money for just 2 GB Ram unless you really want it looks like Xiaomi is Looting there they are making some profits on that variant but overall 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM is the best all-rounder in 15000 rupees. For more Awesome Technology updates and News Don’t Forget to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube ChannelGizmoCombat


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