10 Amazing Websites You Haven’t Seen Yet! 2018


10 Amazing Websites You Haven’t Seen Yet! 2018

Internet has tons of amazing websites for you to discover while many are useful, there are a lot of cool and interesting websites that don’t necessarily fall into that category.

In this video, I will mix them all together and show you the 10 amazing websites you may
have never seen before. coming up on Gizmo Combat.

1. First up, is web oasis, this cool looking site can be used as a replacement for your homepage, in your favorite browser, at the top of the page is where you’ll find the search bar, below that you’ll find links to other popular websites, here you have the category for popular download sites, places to watch the video, along with other categories. on the left, you have a place to take notes and did the menu side panel there are additional links including one to get the updated cryptocurrency pricing, also in the menu there’s a place to add new links, and you can change the background to have several here for you to choose from. If you’re looking to get the home page in your browser a new look, check out Weber Oasis.

2. Next up is Digital Attack Map.  the site gives data visualization around the globe of
distributed denial-of-service attacks, also known as DDoS attacks. the purpose of these attacks is to make an online service unavailable to users. here at the bottom, there’s a useful slider to switch between days, you can choose what is shown in the left panel, for example, you can choose to only show large attack, unusual attacks or show both combined. if you select a country I’ll go with the United States, Digital attack map will
only show you attacks on the country you selected.

3. Tune find can help you find the music and songs from your favorite TV shows and movies. The site’s been around for a while,  so it’s possible that some of you are already familiar with it. I just started using tuned find recently, there are several ways to find what you’re looking for.  The easiest is to do a search here at the top I’ll do a search for the movie black panther.

There, it is and I’ll click on it now if you scroll down, it will show a list of music used in the movie. you can plan 30-second clip on tune find or if you want to purchase or play the full songs they provide links to Amazon, Apple music, iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube. which will open up in a new tab.

4. As we all know robots and artificial intelligence are slowly taking over. will robots take my job lets you know the risk level, of your job being replaced by automation. in the search bar, enter your job, for this the example I’ll enter salesperson to narrow things down. I’ll select retail salespersons, if you’re a retail salesperson there’s a 92% probability that you’ll be replaced by some form of automation. below the percentage in this example it lets you know that you are doomed the projected growth median annual wage for your position and the number of people employed in that job. well, robots take my job is intended to be a fun site so don’t take their projections too seriously.

5. If your stat nerd. internet life stats gives you a whole bunch of statistics, including how many Internet users, there are in the world, a total number of websites, number of Google
searches, Facebook active users, websites hacked today, along with other fascinating stats.

6. Zoom quilt is a trippy Site. it’s an endless zoom of cool art that keeps zooming in on the center of an image. as it does you discovered that there is more to that image, on your keyboard the up key zooms in faster, and the down key zooms out.  on the left, is
where you can find some of their other cool projects.

7. If you shop at Amazon then you probably already know the site has a problem with fake reviews, Review Meta, analyzes the reviews of products on Amazon. to help you decide which ones are fake or real. just copy the URL from any the product on Amazon, and paste here at the top on review meta, then select run a report based on the analysis of this
the product, it warns that unnatural reviews are possible. lower on this page, you’ll find a report card for this product. letting you know which areas of the reviews fail or pass. along with warnings, below the report card, you will get more details regarding the analysis of the reviews.

Another site that is similar to review meta is a Fake Spot. in addition, to
analyze your reviews on Amazon, they also analyze reviews for Yelp, TripAdvisor, and
the Apple App Store.

8. My live signature is a useful site, for those times that you
need a handwritten signature on documents while you’re online. to get
started select start now. you can create by using there step by step wizard or by
drawing your signature on the screen. in this example, I’ll select the step by
step wizard from here just follow the instructions when you’re done you can
click here to download your signature or right-click on your signature and select
save image as to save it to your computer.

9. Stool analyzer just may be the most useful website in this video. some of you may be thinking it’s the crappiest, according to the site and I’ll quote the shape, color, size frequency and behavior.
of your stool is a fantastic indicator of your diet and overall health to begin the analysis of your poop, select start analysis.

first, select the shape I’ll go with the one that looks like rabbit turds here at the top select a color very light brown now for the size too large for the frequency I’ll select three bowel movements a day to once every three days and finally for behavior, I’ll go with floating and not sinking.
when you’re done it will give you the results according to this example the
score is 35 out of 100 which they say is very bad along with more details about
your stool listed below.

10. Now if you’re having a terrible day because of you just
found out that a robot will be taking your job or you just did the stool
analyzer and it gave you a negative result selecting this button will make everything ok
when it finishes it will let you know that everything is ok now.

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