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AI Painting Finally Auctioned for Stunning $432,500 by Christie’s


The much-hyped piece of art created by an AI artist has been auctioned off by Christie’s for an astounding $432,500. The artwork, named the Portrait of Edmond Belamy, is the first such painting to be auctioned off by the venerable 252-year-old institution. And more astonishing than the final bid price is that the painting was expected to be sold for between $7,000 and $10,000.

Designed by an art-tech collective named Obvious made up of three French students, the ‘Portrait’ was created by a machine learning algorithm, which trained itself on historical portraits.

Western Digital’s New 15TB HDD Is the Biggest Ever Yet


Western Digital has announced a new 15TB Ultrastar DC HC620 HDD spinning, which is the largest capacity hard drive yet.  It’s just a little bit larger than the company’s own 14TB model announced last year.

While all that is well and good, there’s no price yet, and there’s no likelihood of this being available for consumers as such large capacity drives are usually meant for data centers and enterprise purposes

You Can Now Use The ‘.new’ Shortcut to Instantly Create New Google Docs


Creating a new document in Google Docs requires you to open the app/website and tap the ‘New’ button. But if that seemed like a hassle,  Google has now introduced a useful ‘.new’ domain trick to instantly create Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. files.

For example, just type the word ‘doc.new’ in the web address bar and you will instantly be redirected to a new blank document. You can also use other commands like ‘docs.new’ or ‘document.new’ for the same.

The ‘.new’ trick also works for Sheets (sheet.new, sheets.new), Slides (slide.new, slides.new), Sites and Forms. The new domain shortcut is now live and works on a majority of web browsers.

Google Photos’ Live Albums Feature is Limited to 10,000 Images


Google Photos’ Live Albums feature allows users to add photos of select people or their pet to a separate album. It has now been revealed that Live Albums has a limit of 10,000 photos, and once that mark is reached, more photos can’t be added to the library.

In case you want to add more photos to Live Albums, you have to delete older images to make space for the new ones. As for shared albums, each participant can add 10,000 photos until the 20,000 limit is reached.

Users have reported that once their Live Albums touches the 10,000 mark, they see a ‘Live Album paused’ message if they try to add any more photos.

(Image Courtesy: Steven Farnell/Google Support)

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